Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Commentary provided by a driver who wishes to remain anonymous.

some of my takes or themes were or are:: the new GRAY card about auto call stops and speakers...overhead signs card....running time problem cards. Work card deals with busses..bds card...paddle, time points....silent alarm ..Using phones while on duty..even transfers, has nothing to do with the shuttle YET big word from top, as i tried to show in letter, is that the SHUTTLE MUST BE IN LINE WITH ALL OTHER TRIMET POLICIES. Which it can never be or will be ,so it is all a farse or joke!! also now we are to collect and enforce fares wont happen as they r pushing ,because these people live in million dollar homes and don’t need to cheat; so get off our backs, u inconsistently run backward company, and same with NO BIKES ALLOWED rule...if WE want to let someone take on a bike and its not hurting anyone we will as shown with ric unloading a bike and passenger....AND IT GOES ON AND ON..THEY SAY NO RADIO...NO CRUISE CONTROL..NO LEAVING ROUTE.. ...WHERE IS THE REASONABLENESS, THE LOGIC, THE COMMON SENSE...ITS LOST TO A FEW MANAGERS WHO SHOULD BE DIGGING DITCHES FOR ALL THE BRAINS THEY HAVE...........FARE INSPECTION OFF THE RECORD FROM THEM...ITS A FARCE, THERE ARE TONS OF FARE EVADERES.. AGAIN YHEY WILL NOT HIRE ENOUGH, PLUS MANAGERS WHO SCREW IT UP BECOUSE OF POWER INSANITY ...and then there are drivers, who know nothing b)........ I...but we r careful in poking fun at our personal life at work, to keep our sanity here, and in this insane world, as a whole. MY TAKES, PLUS YOUR TAKES ESP., EQUALS....THE REAL WORLD!!! WELCOME TO TRIMET, IT’S THE OPERATORS THAT MAKE IT WORK DESPITE ALL THE OTHER.

Sunday, June 22, 2008