Wednesday, August 20, 2008


By Ross Wrede, Cub Reporter

While Sunset Bob is taking a well deserved vacation this week, many of his riders on the Cedar Mill Shuttle are pressuring TriMet to rename the Elizabeth Furse Plaza at the Sunset Transit Center in his honor.

No one can recall anything significant that Representative Furse accomplished during her short tenure in the House of Representatives. She did happen to represent Oregon's First District when the Westside MAX line opened in 1998 and perhaps TriMet felt obligated to honor her in some way. Others are galled that she is supporting Senator Gordon Smith in his reelection campaign.

In contrast, Sunset Bob has been the driving force in the success of the Cedar Mill Shuttle with the outstanding service he provides. Bob has also helped to renovate the driver's break room at the Sunset Transit Center. New furniture and artwork has been added to create a more relaxing atmosphere for Trimet's operators. Most recently, Sunset Bob has taken on the faulty ticket machines that plague the Transit Center.

Sunset Bob supporters are hoping that the renaming can be accomplished by September to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of the Transit Center. Bob is out of town this week and unavailable for comment.

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